Canada Sock 2014

Yes, that’s right! We have been keeping notes of all the requests for our previous Canada sock and unfortunately we are completely out and have been for a long time. But… we are designing a new Canada sock and YOU get to help! Check out the 4 different designs below and vote on which is your favourite and can’t wait to see in stores. And as we like to do, all comments will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a FREE PAIR OF CANADA SOCKS!!!


Your chance to vote on your favourite sock and be entered to win, will expire Thursday, May 8th at 11:59pm MST. We will be following up with a post letting you know who will be carrying these fancy new socks within the next few weeks. Stay tuned and good luck!

* – Multiple comments will not count as multiple entries into the draw. Only comments made on the CEP Canada website will count. Contest open to residents of Canada only. *

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247 thoughts on “Canada Sock 2014

  1. Sock Number 4!! I like the simple design and I love the ” I AM CDN” It’s to the point and fantastic. I would wear these almost everyday.

  2. Love them all, but #4 is my favourite – makes me want to shout out “I am Canadian!” Wish I could have had a pair of these for Boston a couple of weeks ago.

  3. #2 has my vote for sure! I love my CEP compression sleeves and have been looking at the socks too. This would match my Athletics Canada singlet perfectly!!

  4. I like 3 but on first glance the maple leaf gets lost. Try a white border arpund the maple leaf to make it stand out from the black. Spectators probably only have a few seconds to notice. 2 looks too much like a Team Canada hockey emblem. 4 is too similar to Molson’s.

  5. I like #2 and #1 in that order – but not so sure about “WHITE” socks – other options like red or black?

    • Hi Lia,

      We would have loved to print on a red or black sock, but are currently restricted to white as regulated from our printing company. Maybe in the years to come though…

  6. #3 first choice #1 second – own a pair with red Maple Leaf – love em – wear when competing internationally!

  7. My impression:
    #1 Canada radiating energy and heat
    #2 Sinking Canada
    #3 The wicked Canada
    #4 Sinking Canada

    Definitely I vote for #1

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