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CEP Canada Ambassador: Sam Effah

CEP Canada Ambassador: Sam Effah

Berlin 2009 World Championships - August 18 -Day 4 - Evening *** Local Caption *** Sam Effah - 200m Canada

Berlin 2009 World Championships – August 18 -Day 4 – Evening *** Local Caption *** Sam Effah – 200m Canada

My journey to recovery

Recovery is a vital part of any serious training regime.  Consistent training blocks enable me to maximize my potential as an athlete.  Weight room sessions, track workouts, proper nutrition and mental training are key factors that I integrate into my program. Maintaining balance can be the difference between winning medals and spectating on the sidelines.

I’ve seen it first hand.

At the end of 2014 I moved to Toronto, where before entering a new training environment I underwent surgery for a nagging injury.  Things changed completely.  3 days of the week consisted of rehab, and stationary bike riding, while the remaining 2 weekdays comprised of light track work, and treadmill running.  As an athlete always at the front lines of competition, this tested my patience to a whole new level. I sought to maximize my potential.

sam moscow 01

CEP Canada

I used the CEP quad sleeve as my go-to product in the past, as it provided relief in my left hip flexor and quad.  This year I utilized a different set of products. Continuing to focus on improving blood circulation and overall leg health I chose to use the compression sock for post training sessions, and it was additionally recommended by my physiotherapists for improved recovery.

Fortunately, as CEP Canada ambassador I’ve been given the opportunity to represent a product that assists me in training harder and smarter.

Sam’s 3 quick tips on staying healthy:


1. Create a plan, and stick to it!

  • Working with a therapist for maintenance is great, and they can also give great advice on training

2. Be proactive and take initiative rather than waiting for things to happen

  • Introduce pre and post stretching into your routine
  • Monitor your nutrition

3. Believe in yourself – believe in your vision

  • Be persistent and have faith. Its not always the final destination that counts, but the journey itself is a blessing.

We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.

– Archilochus, Greek Soldier, Poet, c. 650 BC

2011 Canadian Track & Field Championships - Day Three - June 24th, 2011 - Foothills Stadium - Calgary, Alberta. (Photo by Claus Andersen)

2011 Canadian Track & Field Championships – Day Three – June 24th, 2011 – Foothills Stadium – Calgary, Alberta. (Photo by Claus Andersen)

Follow me on Twitter @Sam_Effah and my Facebook page
I train at the East Hub at the Athletics Canada High Performance Centre at York University
I’m a patient at Proactive Health Group, Calgary – Physiotherapy and Chiropractic support

CEP Canada Sock 2015

Guess what Canada?

We are designing a new Canada sock for 2015 and YOU get to help!  We’ve designed 4 potential socks, but only ONE can be produced, so we need your help in choosing the sock that shows the most Canadian Pride!

Check out the 4 different designs below and vote on which you’re dying to get on your legs!

All comments will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a FREE PAIR OF OUR CANADA 2015 SOCKS!!!


Vote on your favourite sock design before Sunday May 3rd at 11:59pm PST.

We will be following up with a post letting you know who will be carrying these fancy new socks within the next few weeks. Stay tuned and good luck!

*Multiple comments will not count as multiple entries into the draw. Only comments made on this CEP Canada blog post and our CEP Canada Facebook will count. Contest open to residents of Canada only.*

CEP For Dummies

Recently, we asked CEP ambassador Jessica Keupfer to sit down and answer all of the most often asked questions we receive, and prepare a “CEP For Dummies” guide.


I will never forget the first time I wore compression socks. It was my first marathon and I was a little afraid of how I would feel afterwards. I was wandering around the race expo the day before the race and picked up a pair of CEP Compression socks in the limest of greens to make myself feel better after the race. Originally, I was going to wear them only to recover after the race, but I discovered the morning of the race that I had forgotten my socks. Now, I normally don’t suggest trying something new on race day, but I had no choice so I donned my green socks and set out to tackle my first 42.2!


Little did I know that 3 years later, I would still be wearing those green socks as well as many others in the CEP product line. In fact, I wear them so often that when I don’t wear them to race and recover, people joke that they don’t recognize me.


I swear by the socks but it has been a lot of careful research and testing over the years to come up with the reasons why I wear them.

Here is what I have found out about compression socks over the years:

  1. What are they? Compression socks are some brightly coloured, tight socks that you wear that serve a big purpose beyond just looking good. Research has shown that they help with recovery when used after a hard effort. Research regarding performance has been mixed but all the research done using CEP, shows it benefits performance.
  2. Why wear them? According to the Dresden study, arterial blood flow (the blood flow coming from your heart) is increased by as much as 40% and is sped up going back to the heart. This speeds up recovery and helps you move faster when you are racing. I love them for after races or hard efforts because it helps protect my legs and ensure that they feel fresher, faster. I especially rely on them if I do a stage race.
  3. Who makes them? CEP Compression has created, in my opinion, the most superior sock in the compression industry from years of testing and research. Not only that, all of their products have a 6 month compression guarantee – they guarantee the same rate of compression in all of their products if you were to wear them every day for 6 months.
  4. Who uses them? Compression socks are for everyone, from professional runners like Reid Coolsat to a busy executive who uses them for frequent flying to prevent blood clots. They have many uses beyond just recovery and performance.
  5. How does it work? Compression socks help prevent blood from pooling and helps to carry blood from the legs to the heart. The reason your legs can use the extra help with this is because veins do not have the ability to actively send blood back to the heart (unlike arties that are able to use muscle walls to push blood away from the heart). The more pressure that is put on the veins, the smaller they become which pushes blood back to heart faster and helps circulate oxygenated blood through your body, speeding up recovery.
  6. How do you put them on? Putting on compression socks is different than putting on regular socks. See this video to help you put on your pair. …and if you put them on right, it actually makes a difference to how well they work!
  7. What is the difference between sleeves and socks? Calf sleeves look very similar to the sock, however they end above the ankle. Runners who want to wear their tried and true racing socks or run barefoot may prefer to go with the sleeves, but I have had no issue racing in the full sock.
  8. What is the sizing difference and does it matter? Size DOES matter for CEP. Every body is different and in order to get the optimum performance from your sock, it is important to be properly fitted. You can check out sizing here or go into your local run shop that carries CEP and they will do it for you.
  9. Are there special care instructions for them? CEP Compression socks require careful washing to protect the fibers and preserve the performance-enhancing effect and in-wear-comfort.  Please note:
  • Wash the CEP compression socks and sportswear after use
  • Wash in machine, delicates cycle, 40°C
  • Do not use bleach
  • May be dried at a low temperature in tumble dryer
  • Never allow to dry in direct sunlight or on a radiator
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry-clean

Coles notes version: Treat them like any of your run gear.  Don’t put them in a hot dryer or hot water.  They won’t last as long if you do.

Bonus Winter Question: Winter socks vs run socks? The winter socks are great for cross training with snow sports. I wear my CEP running socks for winter running, but use the ski socks for cross country skiing and snowboarding as they provide additional padding.


A proud CEP athlete, Jessica runs and recovers in Waterloo, ON. She is addicted to trail running, lattes and adventure racing, not necessarily in that order. You can follow her training on her website at lacesandlattes.com.


Team CEP Canada 2015 Applications

Welcome to the New Year 2015! If you are not following us on Facebook and/or Twitter, then you may have missed the announcement that we have started taking applications for our 2015 Team! Applications will be open until midnight on January 15th. Don’t miss out and apply with the link below!


Product Testimonial: Randy Roffey

photo 22Love my CEP Socks!

I have been training regularly for the past 10 years including training for IronMan races marathons and recently ran 100 Km raising money to fight kids cancer.  At first I tried just the sleeves but later discovered the full socks are great as well.  Besides all the technical reasons to wear them before and after runs, they just make me feel fresher even on the long runs.

I believe the CEP compressions socks not only help during my runs and long bike rides but they also help improve recovery so I can get out there again the next day.  I also use my socks on long flights (great for veins and prevention of DVT) and when working the floor at a trade show standing up all day. Traveling through airports I get lots of attention and compliments as well as questions from strangers and airport staff.

I am off to bike for 3 weeks in Spain this weekend and also training to run the 100 km fundraiser again so I’ll be enjoying my CEPs.

Thanks for making such a comfortable and helpful product.

Randy Roffey

photo 5photo 1RT0441_27802

Sprinter to Endurance Athlete in 10 weeks?

photoI was ready for a change.  I had retired from football last year and my body needed a rest from all the sprinting I have done for the last 25 years. I had stayed in shape but hadn’t dug my teeth into another sport… yet.

In December, a friend of mine suggested we do a sprint triathlon to raise money for cancer research.  (sprint tri = 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run) That was intriguing to me as I have talked with so many triathletes over the past years at the CEP expos and it always sounded like a fun sport.  Plus, like everyone, I knew some key people in my life that were taken by the big C.  I knew I had some good support people to teach me the ropes.  I wasn’t concerned about the bike or run.  I have ridden on the road since I was a kid (Jasper to Calgary at 8 years old) and commuted to work regularly, so the bike didn’t scare me.  I was a runner, so would need to learn how to run distance again (yes, 5km for me is distance!).  Football, track is all about short, powerful bursts, not consistent, long efforts.  50 seconds was a LONG run for me.  I was confident I could figure it out though.  But, I was NOT a swimmer. Sure, I could play in the water and actually really liked it, but any time I tried to swim more than about 75m, well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty!  Could I swim 750m???  That seemed really far to me!

Over Christmas, I got up early a few times with my dad and went swimming with him.  It took me almost an hour to do the 750m with a break every 25m to suck some serious air into my over-taxed lungs.  I kept at it for a few weeks, swimming 3-4 more times.  A winter vacation was a great opportunity to swim almost every day.  The learning curve was huge.  After 6 swims, I made it 1.5km with only 3 breaks, this was very good progress!  My 750m swim was down to 27mins.  Not fast, but I could definitely do the swim portion.

So, let’s sign up and raise some money for cancer!  I knew I would be racing in memory of a mentor and amazing family friend, Tom Inkster who, like many was taken before his time by cancer. Tom was an amazing individual that taught many young athletes and students to stretch their boundaries in order to accomplish amazing things. His passion for the outdoors and development of youth through experience was unmatched in Calgary.

To participate was an interesting idea, but I thought it even more intriguing to see how much and how fast I could change myself.  I didn’t just want to cross the finish line, could I get to a respectable time in 10 weeks if I really went after this?

Since then, I have completely changed my body, nutrition, sleep and training habits.  I have dropped almost 15 lbs, regularly get up at 5:30 am.  I learned a completely new sport and learned a number of new things about myself.  Changing from sprinting to endurance has been both fun and challenging.  Adapting the body and mind is such an interesting journey.  Those that we know that dealt with cancer had to learn how to adapt in a very rapid and urgent manner, so this was ultimately nothing in the grand scheme!  My lofty goal was 1:30 for a sprint triathlon.  This goal along with the cause has driven my training to the top level.  I have made some huge gains that have made that time a possibility and I look forward to putting it all to the test this Saturday!

My page is www.albertacancer.ca/cjones if you want to join the journey and help the cause.
I would appreciate anything you can do to help me meet my goal of $1000 for this great cause.


Yours in performance,


Chris Jones


Entrix Sports

CEP Canada Distributor

Canada Sock Winner!!

We would like to thank everyone who voted and helped in the decision making process for the Canada Sock 2014!! As you can probably see below by now, the winner is #2 and let me tell you, the results were back and forth and ended up being very close. Production has begun. Be sure to stay tuned for a listing of retailers across the country that will be carrying this fantastic “pride product.”


Option 1: 19%
Option 2: 35%
Option 3: 30%
Option 4: 16%

I guess the other reason you are reading this is to find out who won the Canada Sock giveaway. Well, without any further delay, the winner is… Cassie Hawrysh! Cassie, we will have a pair of your choice of socks or sleeves sent to you and will be the first in the country to own a pair. Exciting!

Thanks again to everyone.

Canada Sock 2014

Yes, that’s right! We have been keeping notes of all the requests for our previous Canada sock and unfortunately we are completely out and have been for a long time. But… we are designing a new Canada sock and YOU get to help! Check out the 4 different designs below and vote on which is your favourite and can’t wait to see in stores. And as we like to do, all comments will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a FREE PAIR OF CANADA SOCKS!!!


Your chance to vote on your favourite sock and be entered to win, will expire Thursday, May 8th at 11:59pm MST. We will be following up with a post letting you know who will be carrying these fancy new socks within the next few weeks. Stay tuned and good luck!

* – Multiple comments will not count as multiple entries into the draw. Only comments made on the CEP Canada website will count. Contest open to residents of Canada only. *

Team CEP CANADA 2014


We are here again with our line-up for Team CEP Canada 2014!
Follow our athlete ambassadors as they #rocktheirCEPs from the Olympics to personal bests!

Reid Coolsaet // Olympian // Marathon >> follow Reid on twitter! >> @reidcoolsaet

Eric Gillis // Olympian // Marathon >> follow Eric on twitter! >> @nishrunner

Inaki Gomez // Olympian // Race Walking >> follow Inaki on twitter! >> @InakiGomezG

Ellie Greenwood // Canadian Trail Running Champion // Ultra Marathon >> follow Ellie on twitter! >>@EllieJG

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Jim Finlayson  // Elite Runner // 10k/ Half Marathon  >> follow Jim!

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Phillipe Viau Dupuis // Coureur élite // 5k/10k/Demi-Marathon >>  suive-Philippe!

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